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Database Consultancy

We see many types of Oracle database problems, from the simplest typing errors to the unpublished undocumented features that have your developers at their wits end.

Our most common way of working is to pay a visit to your site to understand your problem. The problem can range from a fully designed corporate solution for a multi-million pound project to a single days consultancy to check your system is running as fast as it can and you are getting the maximum benefit from those expensive Oracle licenses.

We don't have the overheads of the Oracle Corporation, so can provide excellent value for money when it comes to teasing out those nasty, hard to find problems.

Our prices do vary depending on the task and length of consultancy required, so please do contact us for details.

AndersonIS provides consultancy services primarily for Very Large Databases using the Oracle Enterprise Server with Real Application Clusters. With nine years experience in large database design, data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL), AndersonIS can provide you with a depth and bredth of knowledge needed to sucessfully and quickly implement a very large, database with very high availability.

Databases in the hundreds of terabyte range require a complex infrastructure that, if not designed properly, can result in multiple single points of failure rather than the intended no single point of failure system. AndersonIS has the knowledge of system engineering required to implement such a system.

For further information about our consultancy services, please contact us.



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